Orsini Or Folkemer? An Easy Choice.

April 30, 2010

Anthony Orsini, current principal of Benjamin Franklin Middle School.

Paul D. Folkemer, former principal of Benjamin Franklin Middle School.

From Jim Metrock:

Anthony Orsini is the common sense, kids-come-first principal of Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Ridgewood, NJ.

A former principal of the same school is Paul D. Folkemer who has been working on and off for over a decade with the kiddie marketing firm of Channel One.  He even carried Channel One’s water when he was the principal of BFMS often representing and defending Channel One in debates and interviews concerning the controversial in-school marketing company.  Doing that while still being a state employee raised all sorts of ethical questions, but he left to work for Channel One before any public outrage could ensue.

Orsini sees problems with kids getting on Facebook.  Folkemer and his fellow Channel One executives daily encourage young people to not only sign up for Facebook (so they can see more advertising on Channel One’s Facebook page) but to go to dozens of other sites scattered across the Internet.

One of Channel One’s Facebook come-ons.

Folkemer and his marketing colleagues make money if kids skip around the Internet visiting Channel One advertisers.  When it comes to kiddie marketing, it is always about money.  To these commercial exploiters of schoolchildren, kids are a source of ad money and not much more.

Please read the CNN article about Principal Orsini and then type in “Folkemer” in the search engine on our site and compare these two.  It is easy to see which one a parent would rather have at the helm of a middle school.

Now here is a principal with principles.

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