Channel One News: 9 MILLION Illegal Aliens In Arizona.

May 1, 2010

How can Ms. Diaz make such an outrageous mistake of fact?
And why is she allowed to talk to schoolchildren?

From Jim Metrock:

Channel One News is known for their sloppy, lazy treatment of the news.  This company does as little as they can because there is no need to do anything well.  After all they have a captive audience that often HAS to watch their show.  Students are contractually obligated to sit and watch the program for at least 90% of school days.

The current crop of wannabe “reporters” is the worst I have seen since I began watching Channel One in 1996.

Check out this clip from the April 26 program.  Keep in mind that in 2009 Arizona’s estimated population was about 6.6 million.

YouTube description:

Channel One News is a taped show so there is plenty of time to check facts and reshoot a segment if someone makes a mistake.
However Channel One News is not overly concerned about accuracy because their audience is contractually obligated watch. Students have to watch if its a poorly done show or a well done show, so why spend the money to do it well?

Here is a young “wannabe” reporter named Adriana Diaz. She says the Governor of Arizona says the immigration bill is needed because “there are 9 MILLION illegal aliens currently living in Arizona.”

Adriana, that’s not true. The Governor didn’t say that and there is a good reason she didn’t: There are only 6.6 million people living in Arizona.
There are estimated to be 460,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona. Channel One missed it by 8.5 million.

Anybody with walking-around sense should have known this was not true. When Ms. Diaz spoke these words some alarm in her head should have gone off. Where was the producer for this segment? One doesn’t need a fact check to know this is a ludicrous figure.

This show was shown to students on a Monday. That means it was taped on Sunday. These lazy Channel One employees came into their do their program as fast as they could. These are the same employees who do not report the news to young people after school hours, on weekends, during the summer months, and during every holiday period.

Hardly anybody is watching Channel One News with a critical eye. Obligation knows of no university or media studies organization that regularly studies the content of this TV show.