Disney uses taxpayer money AGAIN. This time to plug African Cats.

April 19, 2011


"Nature"? Sleeping Beauty Castle? Disneyland?

On April 15, 2011, Disney once again uses taxpayer money and public school time to help assure the success of a new Disney movie coming out on April 22.

Disneynature is a new independent film division of Disney based in France. African Cats is their fourth movie and Disney’s marketing machine is in overdrive to get as many children into theaters to buy tickets for the film. Disney continues to pay Channel One News to allow it to put movie commercials in front of students as they sit at their desks. Disney appears to be totally committed to exploiting Channel One’s captive audience of young people ages 10 to 18.

Although this “countdown” commercial is shown during the program’s introduction, Channel One News will air several regular commercials for Disney’s new movie on their program leading up to April 22.


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