A pop quiz about – HEY, WATCH THE NEW SEASON OF PRETTY LITTLE LIARS THIS JUNE – the trapped miners in Chile.

April 20, 2011

The video clip below [this video was removed by YouTube after Channel One complained]  is from the April 13, 2011 Channel One News program shown to middle school students.

Alloy Media and Marketing created the extremely controversial Pretty Little Liar books and TV show. Underage drinking is glorified routinely in the books and TV program. For a show aimed at pre-teens and teens, the sexual content is considerable- both straight and gay. In 2007 Alloy bought Channel One News for the expressed purpose of promoting Alloy-created content – like Gossip Girl – to a captive audience of schoolchildren.

Students watched today’s Channel One News and see two actors giving them a pop quiz on the trapped miners in Chile. But this pop quiz is not about the miners.  It’s about advertising the two actors’ TV show Pretty Little Liars. 

Young middle school students may think that these two actors seen below just wandered by Channel One’s studio and offered their services in doing a pop quiz. The on-air personalities at Channel One News never disclose to young viewers the relationship between the “news show” and the Alloy TV shows and books constantly pitched on the classroom TV screen. Segments like this “pop quiz” are really nothing more than a well-planned commercial for the new season of this age-inappropriate show. Channel One News will never make that clear, but we will.




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