Bloody Vampire Diaries pitched to preteens on Channel One News

June 17, 2011


May 31, 2011 – It didn’t appear to make sense for Alloy Media and Marketing to take over the assets of the all-but-bankrupt Channel One Network in 2007.

To Alloy, Channel One News was worth the gamble because Channel One could be used to promote Alloy’s various other endeavors. Alloy has gained a sordid reputation as creators and packagers of edgy teen and preteen books, movies, TV shows, webcasts, and web sites.

Alloy has used Channel One to promote its raunchy Gossip Girl TV show and books and other content like Pretty Little Liars, The Clique, and The Vampire Diaries.

Channel One’s captive audience were compelled to watch this commercial for The Vampire Diaries. ┬áThese books like other Alloy-produced books normalize underage drinking.

Teachers have little warning as to what Channel One News will advertise on any day.  Parents have no easy way to know what Alloy and Channel One News are dumping on their children.

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