Channel One News targets new captive audience: Elementary school children!

June 28, 2011

From June 27, 2011 press release

“Channel One News is also responding to continued teacher demand with an entirely new educational product offering specifically designed for upper primary schools  grades 3rd through 5th. Beginning this Fall, Channel One News InterActiv Jr., also powered by Promethean, launches with a daily interactive news service tailored for upper primary school students – grades three through five. Offering the same award-winning programming produced in partnership with CBS News, communicated from a younger perspective, Channel One News InterActiv Jr. offers lesson plans that include reading comprehension and assessment activities delivered seamlessly through interactive technology.”

Note: There is no teacher demand for Channel One News in elementary schools. Elementary school teachers don’t know about Channel One which has only been in secondary schools since it began in 1990. Because Channel One News has been steadily losing secondary schools, they have to get new “eye balls” to continue existing.

Teachers want more Channel One News? Hardly. Check this out: Channel One News has lost 11 schools each week for the last 364 weeks.

Channel One’s parent company Alloy Media and Marketing bought Channel One News in 2007 to cross-promote their other edgy Alloy web sites, TV shows, and books. Alloy would like nothing better than to be able to talk with elementary school children so they can cultivate future fans for, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and