Channel One News brings back Acuvue’s “You’re ugly AND a loser without contacts” commercial.

July 4, 2011

From April 6, 2011 Channel One News program.


There are no rougher commercials on Channel One News than for Acuvue contact lens. The executives at C1N, Kent Haehl and Paul Folkemer, have no problem letting Acuvue get a little rough with middle school and high school student.

These commercials are yet again another way Channel One’s advertisers play on young people’s concerns about body image to sell products.

Channel One News once ran an extended Acuvue campaign that had a young girl in a school play say that she would “rather be blind” than appear on stage wearing glasses. The Acuvue and Channel One News executives laughed all the way to the bank.

Or how about this one: You can’t win races and you’ll embarrass your teammates if you don’t have Acuvue contact lens.

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