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November 7, 2011







Q: Why is Channel One advertising The Vampire Diaries to teens and preteens?



A:  Channel One News is constantly promoting The Vampire Diaries because the Vampire books and the TV show on the CW Network were created by Channel One’s parent company Alloy Media and Marketing.

Alloy took over the assets and liabilities of the all-but-out-of-business Channel One in 2007.  The main reason they wanted Channel One News was to use the in-school TV show to advertise Alloy’s various teen entertainment offerings to a captive audience of millions of students. Alloy didn’t expect Channel One News to make money, but its unique access to kids would help their other companies be much more profitable. Alloy also realized that advertising their “edgy” TV shows and books on Channel One News would be done without parents being around – a real bonus.

Alloy’s TV shows Gossip Girl, The Secret Circle, The Lying Game, Pretty Little Liars , along with “webisodes” such as Haute and Bothered- all have been advertised by a dutiful Channel One News and

Unfortunately we have every reason to believe Alloy will keep creating new shows and books (they are extremely profitable according to trade papers) and Channel One News will keep advertising them.The fact that these Alloy programs and books are often age-inappropriate (for sexual and violent content and language) appears not to be a big concern to the remaining executives at Channel One News. CEO Kent Haehl and VP Dr. Paul Folkemer (a former middle school principal of all things) have overseen a significant downward spiral in the appropriateness of advertising on their classroom TV show and website.

If you wondered why your eleven-year-old is wanting to watch The Vampire Diaries on TV or Haute and Bothered on the Internet, you now know why.


What the Parents Television Council has to say about the Channel One News-advertised TV show:

Channel One News executives gave this “red light” show the green light for preteens.

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