National College allowed to advertise on Channel One

November 27, 2011

December 16, 2011: National College sent information refuting the Kentucky Attorney General’s claims. Please read: 2011 O C1 National College letter Dec 7 2011

Controversial National College fits perfectly with extremely controversial Channel One News.

National College is being sued by the state of Kentucky for their advertising. So of course Channel One News starts accepting National College ads.


From Jim Metrock:

Anyone who has watched as much Channel One News as I have, certainly appreciates how little this New York youth marketing firm values young people.

Channel One’s two remaining top executives CEO Kent Haehl and VP/lobbyist Dr. Paul Folkemer had to know of the recent (September) lawsuit against National College. Kentucky’s Attorney General claims there is significant proof that the for-profit National College is using misleading advertising to lure potential students. [News story on the National College lawsuit. Watch the video news story to see some National College students talk about the for-profit college’s advertising.]

Why not pass on National College ads right now until the facts can be determined? Shouldn’t Channel One be cautious with its captive audience of students and others who visit its website?  Channel One’s Haehl and Folkemer would probably tell parents and teachers, “Nah, we need the cash.”

I have written to Mr. Haehl and Dr. Folkemer. I have asked them to immediately remove all web ads and in-classroom TV commercials for National College. Whenever I have written these gentlemen before with a concern about the safety or well-being of students, I have never received a response. I understand these men are extremely busy marketing executives and I know their time is valuable, but maybe this time they will reply. If they do, or if one does, I will print any response in full.

It’s odd how this all fits together: Schools bring Channel One News into their homerooms and classrooms. Students have to sacrifice an hour of school time each week watching the TV show. That means they lose one week of potential academic time each year. Students are injured because of this terrible loss of time. Students don’t reach their potential and their dreams of going to an outstanding college or university fade. Channel One advertises for-profit colleges like National College. Students see National as a good (possibly only) alternative. National College makes money. Channel One makes money.

September 27, 2011 complaint against National College  


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