Channel One News wants your daughter to visit

January 31, 2012


From Jim Metrock:

You’re about to see and read some disgusting stuff. Especially when you consider this material is aimed at teens, preteens, and very possibly elementary school-age children.

Welcome to Channel One News’s sister company Channel One News is now urging children of all ages to not only visit this sexually charged site, but incredibly to enter into a “convo” (conversation) on gURL’s vulgar message boards. Let’s take this a step a time.

Let’s look at the site. Below is a screen shot from their home page. What do we learn from this page?

  • This is a site aimed at girls, not women. The name says that.
  • This site looks like it is fixated on sex.
  • There is an ad for a web show called Talent “presented by AlloyTV” just like the ads we see on That’s not a coincidence. Both controversial companies are owned by Alloy Media and Marketing.
  • To the right there’s a contest to win $100 by entering a conversation with strangers on the Internet.


 Let’s see some more content from  Here is a series of four gURL articles. Other articles are equally sexual in nature or worse.


Children who are forced to watch Channel One News during their school day hear at least twice during the daily show, “Go to for more on this story.” “You can find a lot of neat things on our website” When children visit they are urged to join Channel One’s FaceBook page and to follow Channel One on Tweeter. This article is about the age-inappropriateness of because of tweets like these below.

Channel One is always encouraging children of any age to connect with them through social media.

Note: Both of the links in Channel One's retweets go to the same page - the gURL relationship message board with extreme sexual discussions.

Below: Here is one of the contest Channel One News wants children to enter at their sister company’s site. Where was Dr. Paul Folkemer the self-described, in-house “child advocate” at Channel One? Did this meet his approval?

What about the anchors who are the face of Channel One News?  Does Jessica Kumari think nothing about pushing this “hook up” mentality on children? What about Shelby Holliday? Scott Evans? Did one of them write these tweets to kids? There will never be answers coming from Channel One.


Below is a sample of a “relationship” message board on


The purpose of the Channel One tweets is to convert young fans on Channel One’s official website to fans of  That’s disgusting. Now consider that Channel One News and their new partner the white board company Promethean Ltd. are making a major effort to introduce Channel One  to elementary schoolchildren in grades 5, 4, and ugh 3. This should make one physically sick. Channel One News is bad enough with its hyper-commercial in-school TV show and website, but now that Channel One is pushing into the face of kids it is significantly worse.

Promethean and Channel One News: Lighting the flame of controversy in elementary schools.


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