School boards, make a vow to remove Channel One from your schools.

February 10, 2012

The Vow is rated PG-13 for an accident scene, sexual content, partial nudity and some language. This is being advertised by Channel One News as the perfect Valentine's Day movie for middle school students. This is frame shot from Channel One's Pop Quiz featuring Channing Tatum one of the stars of The Vow. Channel One will go to silly lengths to twist their quiz to justify promoting a movie. A brain injury is a plot point in the movie so, hey, let's have a Pop Quiz on the brain. That's the ticket. Watch this quiz at the bottom of this article.

From Jim Metrock:

Below is the front page of the “news” site called This is what Channel One executives do when a movie studio waves some cash under their noses.  They go crazy. The movie studio wanted Channel One News to get children into the theater for this PG-13 movie, so Channel One pounds kids with unrelenting movie ads.

At the top of the page is a banner ad for The Vow. As a courtesy for children Channel One provides a way to check showtimes and buy tickets. This is a relatively new feature. (The movie studio may have insisted on it.) To both sides of the page there are large movie studio publicity stills to attract attention. To the right there is another movie ad. 

The irony is that as more and more schools drop Channel One News because of this very hyper-commercialism, Channel One News has to become even MORE commercial to keep their total ad revenue steady as their audience numbers dwindle. 

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