Channel One News continues to send kids to highly charged sexual website.

March 6, 2012

Teens, preteens, and elementary school children are continuing to see advertising for Channel One's often sleazy sister company on (March 6, 2012)


Young visitors to Channel One's website who click on the "Need Advice" box (which is not labeled as an advertisement) go to this page. Notice how is promoting the very same "How to Rock" TV show that Channel One News relentlessly advertised in classrooms. Everything is connected with Alloy Media and Marketing companies. Alloy uses Channel One News to funnel students to Alloy's more questionable youth marketing companies.


Channel One News executives like Kent Haehl and Dr. Paul Folkemer know exactly what they are doing by driving teens and children to They are all part of the same company. Once young people discover this website they will find more age-inappropriate "advice" throughout the site.


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