Warning: Explicit content Channel One’s idea of good advice for girls.

March 9, 2012

From Jim Metrock:

gURL.com is an extremely controversial website that contains explicit sexual content aimed at girls. This site’s target audience is not young women, but, as it’s name implies, girls – teen girls, tween girls, and preteen girls.

gURL is owned by Alloy Media and Marketing as is Channel One News. Channel One is regularly urging young visitors to its site to go to gURL for advice. Above is a banner ad from today, Thursday, March 8, 2012. The ad for gURL mentions a “How to Deal” feature that is updated each Wednesday. The purpose of this ad is to get young people to go to gURL.com every day of the week and become fans of the website.

If a young person clicks on the banner ad they see a page that offers links to gURL advice that would make many parents upset. I have posted some of the gURL.com advice that Channel One evidently believes is appropriate for students who watch Channel One (down to age ten).

I have copied some randomly selected advice articles below. It is better to read them with your own eyes. If I had just written about them, many would not believe I was telling the truth.

Keep in mind while you check these articles out that last year Channel One News partnered with a British company called Promethean (they make white boards for classrooms) to help get Channel One News into ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS. (Sometimes you have to shout.)

Promethean is working hard to get Channel One’s brand into elementary schools so they can sell schools handheld devices that interact with their white boards. ┬áChannel One’s website is surely being promoted on the elementary school broadcast and even if the website isn’t specifically mentioned, children will search the website out if they have to watch Channel One every day.

Visitors to Channelone.com, whether they are high school students, middle school students, or elementary school students, see the same website. They all see the Need Advice? Go To gURL.com banner ad.

WARNING: Although Channel One News executives and employees may be OK with this content, this stuff is shocking.

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