Our email to CEO Kent Haehl and Channel One’s “child advocate” Dr. Paul Folkemer

March 12, 2012

Former educator now kiddie marketer Dr. Paul Folkemer

The life-long ad man that runs Channel One News: Kent Haehl


Jim Metrock jimmetrock@obligation.org via gmail.com  Mar 9 to pfolkemer, khaehl
Both of you well know the content of gurl.com. It makes no sense for two men who have children and grandchildren to be exposing other people’s kids to this sexual content.
Maybe you are being forced to cross promote your sleazy sister company or maybe this is your idea, either way you need to stop it.
I understand that you both are kiddie marketers and marketing and advertising to children and teens is your job, but there are limits to what you should put in front of young people.
May I hear from one of you?
If I don’t hear from you saying you are stopping this gURL.com promotion, it is only right to assume you have every intention of continuing.
You both should take some comfort in knowing the vast majority of adults in this country would never do to your children or grandchildren what you are doing to theirs.

PS How’s that elementary school project coming?  
Not only have I not received a reply from either of these gentlemen, but Channel One News appears to have increased the number of gURL.com ads on Channelone.com since I wrote the email. I guess Dr. Folkemer and Mr. Haehl are showing Obligation and the rest of the public they will advertise whatever they want to kids.

From Channel One's website March 11, 2012.

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