Hebron High loves Channel One News

March 17, 2012

Screen shot from the beginning of the March 14, 2012 Channel One show.


The track team? on cue gives the intro to that day's program and then they go a little "crazy" for Channel One News. The message to other schools forced to watch the program is: We in Carrollton, Texas love this youth marketing/news TV show so much we want everyone to know about it. This is a staged commercial filmed on school property, probably during the school day, benefiting a private corporation. We wonder if ANY school administrator or school board member in the Lewisville ISD thinks this might be a little improper?


From Jim Metrock:

The big thing here is not that some students at Hebron High School did this video for Channel One’s benefit. The important thing is this video means Hebron H.S. is still showing Channel One and its commercials during its school day.  (This after 1/3 of Channel One schools have dropped their program.)

This high school is on block scheduling. This type of scheduling normally means the end of Channel One. Block scheduling normally means limited non-instructional time to show Channel One’s 12-minute, daily TV show as the contract calls for.

Either Hebron is showing Channel One during its 30-minute study time during its lunch break or it is showing it during an academic class. Either way – not smart. Why show movie commercials to students who MAY want to concentrate on studying? Why waste a moment of academic time for rock bands to play their music on the classroom TV set? (Almost daily Channel One News plays a snippet of a song (four separate times during the show) from a up and coming rock band or a singer. The name of the song and album are shown on the screen so students can rush out and buy it.) 

The principal at this school is Scot Finch. The “good” news for Scot is this stunt has earned Hebron High a nomination for the next Wastin’ Time & Tax Dollar$ award.

Principal Finch allows Channel One's commercials to be shown to his students.


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