Another “reporter” gone?

April 6, 2012

Sharon "Swan" Song


From Jim Metrock:

Tis’ the season for Channel One employees to be finding new jobs.

For those who work at Channel One News, nothing is as scary as the summer. It’s in the summer, when most schools are out and Channel One News stops producing their TV show. Summer has not been good for Channel One News. It’s in the summer when school districts yank the Channel One TV sets off the walls and inform the youth marketing company where they can go to pick up their antiquated TV equipment.

Last summer was particularly disastrous for our determined kiddie marketers at Channel One News.

So in April and May, Channel One employees start to think about the prospects of their company and their own careers.

It appears Sharon Song has either been taken off the air or has left her job.

It is not surprising. Sharon Song struggled while at Channel One. A former weather reporter for a Montana TV station, Song never appeared comfortable in front of the camera even though the show was taped. She read her script like a robot. She was considered a “Channel One reporter” first and it appeared she would have equal billing with Jessica Kumari and Shelby Holliday, but then was demoted to being a part of the “News Team” with Gary Hamilton. As part of the second-tier “news team” she stood in front of a map and read headlines and then tossed it back to anchors Jessica Kumari, Shelby Holliday, or Scott Evans.

Ms. Song hasn’t been seen on air for weeks.

When the school year ends and the Channel One broadcast year ends, there is always the possibility that the show will not start back up in August. Ms. Song and the others know fully well there has been a significant loss of advertisers and an even more significant loss of schools under contract. It makes sense to leave a ship while it is still above the water line.

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