What happened to Justin Finch?

April 15, 2012

(April 4, 2012) Former Channel One News anchor Justin Finch reports on man and woman holding up posters protesting high gas prices in front of a Chevron station.

From Jim Metrock:

If a young person is interested in journalism, electronic journalism, the last place they want to spend any time is at Channel One News.

Unless you look like Maria Menounos or have Gloria Vanderbilt as your mother (Anderson Cooper), your chances of using Channel One as a springboard for advancement are dim.

Justin Finch is the latest example.  At Channel One News he was an “anchor” and had teen and preteen fans across the country. Like most Channel One on-air personalities, Finch knew he didn’t have to be good at his work. He knew his classroom audience had to be shown Channel One News virtually each school day or Channel One would take away the classroom TV sets. [Channel One News loans schools TV equipment in exchange for the contract promise to show the daily, 12+-minute TV show at least 90% of school days.]

Finch and his fellow Channel One News “reporters” never had to earn their audience. 

Finch is now doing real electronic journalism. He is covering auto crashes and other local news in the Miama area. His stories are not earth shaking, but he has to do them well or he will be gone. He is no longer a pretend journalist at the youth marketing company Channel One News. He is a real reporter and he is earning his audience the hard way.


To see Justin Finch’s video story:


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