Find the eight Army ads on’s home page.

April 18, 2012

From Jim Metrock:

Channel One News is surviving because our federal government continues to place military recruitment ads on the in-school TV show and on

Channel One News has become primarily a federal government supported news show. That should send chills down the backs of all Americans. Channel One has tailored many of its feature stories to plug its military benefactors.

Above is the the top part of the homepage for Channel One’s website on April 17, 2012. There are eight distinct “hot spots” that when clicked with take a young person to an Army recruitment page. Try to find them. One is tricky.

The  answers:

1. At very top. I am Army strong and I dream strong.

2. The banner ad right below. “I’ve got skills.”

3 and 4. The Army logos to the far left and far right.

5. The tricky one you probably missed. “Glory Road” is a series of an Army-sponsored teen feature stories.

6.. The box ad to the right. “I’ve got skills.” “Watch episodes.”

7. To the right of the box ad: “I am Army Strong and I dream strong. Learn more about their stories.”

8. In the box entitled “Click this” is a “U.S. Army Dream Strong” link.

Also notice the large amount of area on both the right and the left showing Army ribbons.

There is one other Army ad (not shown) on the front page near the bottom.

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