Jessica Kumari, of all people, reports on why American education faces problems.

April 24, 2012

For the past five years Jessica Kumari has made her living usurping precious school time from middle school and high school students. She is an employee at the youth marketing firm called Channel One, LLC. She is an on-air personality for a TV show that brings commercials into American classrooms. Ms. Kumari makes money if young people watch movie commercials while they sit at their school desks. Because of her company, students lose a week’s worth (33 hours) of potential academic time each school year. (Bet Ms. Kumari doesn’t mention the problem of Channel One advertising in her report.)

It is painfully ironic to see her doing a report on American education. When she looks in a mirror, she sees one of the many problems American education faces. 

Ms. Kumari has a video report on education and this blog article. Interesting at the end of this section of her article she mentions Canada. Canadian teachers successfully beat back efforts of a Channel One-like, classroom commercial TV show called YNN (Youth News Network). The death of YNN certainly helped secondary education in Canada. Unfortunately for the U.S. our country Channel One is still around although a shadow of what it used to be. 

[Notice the ads are still on]


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