How old are the anchors on Channel One News?

April 27, 2012

How old is Josh Zepps? No, go higher.


From Jim Metrock:

So much about Channel One News is secretive.

  • Channel One News refuses to release the names of public schools that have its service.
  • Channel One News refuses to air the commercials shown in classrooms on its web rebroadcast for parents.
  • Channel One News refuses to give specifics of its new Interactiv Jr. program aimed at elementary schoolchildren.
  • Channel One News refuses to disclose to the public what companies are advertising on its classroom TV show.
  • And Channel One has steadfastly refused to disclose the ages of its on-air personalities. This one seems strange. Why keep mum about the ages of the anchors?

They all are young but some are less young than others. Channel One wants to be seen by young people as a “cool” or “hip” TV show (or whatever words young people use nowadays).

To be “plugged into” youth, Channel One’s anchors have to be one with the school audience. They can’t be seen as too old.

That’s why you see anchors do strange things with their hair, wear extremely causal clothing, and use the language and body language of the young. They also do goofy things that they think will endear them to students.  All this is done to make them appear and sound younger. (With the present rate of school cancellations, it appears it is not succeeding.)

How old is Jessica Kumari?

Channel One will never tell you. On the web people ask about her age and the best estimate is she is 30. That’s sort of old for someone trying to look and act like a middle schooler.



UnknownHow old is Shelby Holliday? Best guess is 27.

Best guess for Scott Evans is 26.

The “new” guy Josh Zepps may be the oldest anchor ever – if he indeed stays around after his audition. He is at least 34 based on an article out of his home country Australia. Like others, most notably Steven Fabian, Zepps clowns around on screen trying to come off as a fun-loving 6th grader. Indeed it is hard to capture a picture of Zepps on the show when he isn’t making a silly face. He needs to be careful. At his age he might strain something making those funny faces. (All these pictures of Mr. Zepps are from the April 24, 2012.)

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