Wastin’ Time & Tax Dollar$ at Ross Middle School

May 20, 2012

Ricardo Brown is the principal of Ross Middle School.

Principal Brown apparently doesn’t mind his students wasting time watching commercials for movies, TV shows, and rock bands on Channel One. He even has named a period of the school day after this youth marketing firm. Mr. Brown is a government employee. Ross Middle School is a government entity. Channel One is a private business in the marketing industry. The company is owned by Alloy Media and Marketing. Calling the second period of the day “Homeroom/Channel One” indicates that Mr. Brown may be extremely naive. In this school a private company has literally staked out a portion of the taxpayer-funded school day for their financial benefit.

Parents have no idea how much school time their children have wasted watching this controversial, hyper-commercial “news” show. The teachers probably use the 12-minute Channel One News show as an electronic babysitter. And what’s the harm with that?, Mr. Brown might say. Well, other than the harm to taxpayers and of course to students, none.

Ross Middle School is officially nominated for a Wastin’ Time & Tax Dollar$ Award.

The Wastin’ Time and Tax Dollars Award

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