Channel One anchors say goodbye to their captive audience of loyal viewers.

June 1, 2012



June 1, 2012 – And that’s a wrap. 

No more Channel One News until August 13.

 That’s assuming ZelnickMedia, Channel One’s ultimate owner, doesn’t quietly shut the doors on this financially struggling enterprise.

 Why no Channel One News during the summer?

Don’t young people need a news source now that school is out?

Channel One could easily stream a daily show each summer day on the web… but they never have.

 That’s because Channel One’s audience is compelled by force of contract to watch their show at school, but at home no self-respecting young person would watch these four goofy pretend-journalists.  Therefore advertisers wouldn’t pay Channel One, and therefore Channel One is not about to keep students informed. This company exists to serve advertisers, not students.

Behind those smiles, Maggie Rulli, Scott Evans, Jessica Kumari, and Shelby Holliday have to be very worried that they may be losing the easiest job they ever had: commercially exploiting schoolchildren.

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