As advertised on Channel One News: Twix and Pepsi (May 29, 1997)

June 3, 2012

Twix candy bars were advertised on Channel One News for years. Channel One ran a contest to encouraged children to eat more Twix candy bars. First place prize was two! Jeeps in keeping with the "Two for me. None for you." theme.


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This is one commercial break from the May 29, 1997 Channel One News program for middle school students. For more than a decade Channel One News advertised junk food to a captive audience of schoolchildren.
These back-to-back ads for Twix candy bars and Pepsi give an indication of Channel One’s reckless disregard for the health and welfare of the students compelled to watch their TV show.
Because of public pressure junk food companies dropped their advertising on Channel One between 2001-2004.

Channel One News paired several food products with Pepsi. How about M&Ms with a nice cold Pepsi?  Looking for something a little more nutritious? A Snickers with a Pepsi

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