No time for Channel One News: Hahnville High School

June 15, 2012

St. Charles Parish Public Schools

From Jim Metrock:

I can understand why school officials at Hahnville High School in Boutte, Louisiana do it, but it is still wrong.

Hahnville High has a contract with Channel One, LLC based in New York City. Channel One has loaned Hahnville a TV network in exchange for a contractual promise to show the Channel One News TV show with its commercials at least 90% of school days. The signed contract also calls for the TV show to be shown when all students have to be in school. In other words “between the bells.” This is very important for Channel One because advertisers wouldn’t pay them to air commercials that couldn’t be seen by students.

From Channel One's contract.


Below is Hahnville High’s bell schedule. Students have to be in school at 7:16 when the tardy bell rings. Channel One News appears to begin at 7:10. Half the show could be over before students sit down at their desks. Assuming the best situation for Channel One, the 12-minute program could end exactly at 7:25 which means it would start at 7:13 which would be better for Channel One’s advertisers.

I am pretty sure Hahnville school officials are more concern with academics than with whether they are showing all the Channel One’s commercials. That said, right now Hahnville High is showing an almost total disrespect for the Channel One contract. It isn’t good for any government entity like a public school to breach any contract, especially a major contract like Channel One’s. If Hahnville High has no problem dishonoring a contract that is no longer convenient for the school, then what standing does the school have to require a building contractor to uphold their contract to build a new classroom addition if it is no longer convenient for the contractor?

Obligation has always urged schools to NOT breach Channel One’s contract like Hahnville High School is doing, but rather to end the contract in the legal way that is allowed by the terms of the contract. Even if the contract has rolled over for another three-year period, Hahnville can end their relationship with Channel One whenever they want with no extra penalty – just as if it was at the end of the contract period.

This summer Hahnville High and the other schools with Channel One in the St. Charles Parish Public School district should seriously consider ending their relationship with this controversial youth marketing company.

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