No time for Channel One News: Clayton Ridge High School

June 18, 2012

From Jim Metrock: Why do so many schools breach their Channel One contract? Look no further than Clayton Ridge High in Guttenberg, Iowa.

This past school year Clayton Ridge broadcasted the Channel One News TV show after 3:14 which is the time the shuttle leaves for Garnavillo. [In 2005 the Guttenberg and Garnavillo school districts merged to form the Clayton Ridge school district.] A good portion of the students are on the bus when Channel One news anchors begin talking. The remaining students are in a “Channel One/Study Hall.”  That doesn’t sound smart – a blaring TV in a room with students trying to do their homework?! We imagine the TV set may be on but the sound is off. That is standard practice in many schools. Does Channel One mind? Yeah, but what can they do? 

Exactly two years ago I wrote about Clayton Ridge violating the Channel One contract.  So for at least the past two years Channel One has allowed Clayton Ridge High to openly breach the most important terms in the Channel One contract: the viewing requirements. 

From Channel One’s contract.


Once upon a time Channel One was able to send threatening letters to schools that violated their contract. They would threaten to take their TV equipment back immediately if they school didn’t begin abiding by the terms and conditions in the contract. Nowadays, few schools would miss the ancient TV sets hanging from the walls.

Channel One has allowed this small Iowa school to run all over its contract because Channel One simply can’t do anything about it.  


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