Complete, unedited Channel One News for December 15, 2000

June 27, 2012

Channel One News has advertised numerous movies that were age-inappropriate due to drug and alcohol content and sexual content. One of the worst was the “stoner comedy” Dude, Where’s My Car? in December, 2000 and January 2001. The entire movie was one big drug joke which normalized the use of marijuana among young people.

Obligation at the time tried to convince Channel One’s self-described “child advocate” the VP of Education Dr. Paul Folkemer to stop advertising the movie, but our efforts were in vain.

Notice in this unedited Channel One News program there are two ads for this drug movie. Channel One does that when they are paid to really push a movie by the movie studio.

This “stoner” movie was advertised to students barely out of elementary school in the sixth grade.


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