Is it a big deal to lie about your age?

July 4, 2012

Channel One’s Ariel Glickman isn’t sure lying is wrong. Wha 


From Jim Metrock: A Channel One summer intern poses a question to young readers: Is it a big deal to lie about your age? That’s typical Channel One News: value-neutral. There is no value system at this youth marketing firm. Nothing is right or wrong. It all depends on the situation and what each individual thinks. Is it wrong to lie about your age to get alcohol? or to enter a R-rated movie? or to buy tobacco?  

Ms. Glickman’s use of “big deal” gives young people a subtle hint to what she thinks. Even if it is just a poor choice of words why is this Channel One News employee asking other people’s children if they think lying is OK or NOT OK? 

I first saw this ugly side to Channel One News back in 1998 when they told kids how to cheat on book reports by watching the movie instead. 


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