Frequently asked questions about Channel One News InterActiv

July 9, 2012

From Jim Metrock:

I keep trying to imagine a school principal or superintendent who is excited about a Promethean-powered Channel One News program. 

In the early 90’s some school districts agreed to experiment with Channel One because they received the use of a TV network. With the new Promethean/Channel One deal schools have to buy the expensive Promethean whiteboards and costly accessories like Promethean’s Learner Response System devices in order to view and use Channel One News InterActiv. Of course schools that already have Promethean whiteboards could opt to have Channel One News shown on their boards, but why would any school do that?  There is nothing in it for the school.  Schools don’t give up school time to marketing firms like Channel One unless they get something in return.  

Promethean and Channel One are expecting American schools to pay for something that schools overwhelmingly refused when it was “free.”

I post this FAQ just for the record. 




c1 interactivFAQ July 2012

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