Channel One News Hall of Shame: THE Sales Tape (1999)

August 12, 2012


 This article was originally published January 27, 2010.

This video is from the late 90′s but it shows what Channel One News is all about.

Channel One News is a marketing/advertising company that is trying to pretend to be a news gathering organization.  They have always told the public their commercials are of no consequence to kids.  They say that young people are much smarter than critics like Obligation give them credit for.  Students, Channel One says, are savvy about ads and pay them little attention.  Channel One News tries its best to move the discussion away from its advertising to its “news” content.

Many of the products seen in this video are no longer advertised, but new ones have taken their place.  It’s incredible when you think about public school classrooms being used to sell products to students during school time.

This video helps to show why this hyper-commercial TV show has never been seen in the vast majority of American secondary schools.  No educational organization endorses the use of Channel One News in schools.  Channel One’s own home state of New York has always banned the show from all of its public school classrooms.  After you see this video you will understand why.

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