From the archives: Wasting time with Channel One News (2010)

August 17, 2012

There is very little hard news on Channel One News. The company is a kiddie marketing company and selling stuff to a captive audience of schoolchildren is what Channel One is all about.

This Play of the Week does two things. First, it wastes time. This is filler. Showing this is cheaper than actually covering the news. Schools never agreed to this type of content, but few schools ever monitor the show. Second, the play of the week sets up the commercial for the advertiser’s product.

Notice the Play of the Week is a routine play. There is nothing extraordinary about it although the Channel One anchor tried his best to make it sound incredible. Few schools send in video to Channel One so there are not many videos to pick from. If somebody shoots a basket or hits a baseball, well, that will do for Play of the Week.

The Butler Intermediate High School in, Butler, PA should be embarrassed that Channel One is gushing over this play.

Think about six million students having to watch this nonsense and then watch the deodorant commercial. That is over a minute of school time wasted. 6 million minutes.

If your school still have Channel One News, it is time to get serious about education. Kick these kiddie marketers out of your classrooms. If you are parents and other taxpayers, you should be outraged. If you are students who are having this marketing program forced down your throats, then let your principal know that you want this TV show out of your school.

The vast majority of American secondary schools have never had Channel One News and never will. Channel One is disproportionately found in schools in lower income areas. That is ironic since Channel One wastes so much taxpayer-funded school time. Channel One’s home state of New York has always, since day one, outlawed Channel One News from all their state public school classrooms.

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