Channel One News Hall of Shame: The Pleasures Of Self-Mutilation (2004)

August 21, 2012

Screen shot from Channel One’s website. (Summer 2004)


From Jim Metrock:  Channel One had a section of their website where young people could discuss things like the “joy” of self-mutilation. I thought a topic like this was unnecessary. Channel One News did not. They continued allowing this type of content to be posted for months after Obligation called on the company to end it.  Children are told repeatedly on each Channel One News TV show to go to for “more information” or to enter a contest or to give their opinion about some issue. The website is simply an extension of the TV show. That is why all the controversial content on the website matters so much.


The Pleasures Of Self-Mutilation Brought To You By Channel One

March 30, 2004

Channel One reviewed the following messages and approved them for posting to their Community message boards for kids. Somebody at Channel One News evidently believes there are two sides to the self-mutilation issue. Of course, there are some postings that say cutting yourself is an awful thing to do, but the point here is why is Channel One giving “cutters” a chance to talk to other young people. Everything has two sides to Channel One. Channel One News wants young people to arrive at their own personal morality.

The more you learn about Channel One News, the more nauseated you become.

From:  ecology   Mar-14 11:25 am
To:  darkbloom (101 of 126)  2031.101 in reply to 2031.73
we cut our selfs because we think that it is a way of reliving stress or because we think that it is a way to tell some one that we love them i cut a “J” in my arm beacause of my boyfriend.
From:  darkbloom   Mar-14 6:03 pm
To:  ecology (102 of 126)  2031.102 in reply to 2031.101 
you don’t hurt when you cut. you’re too lost in your depression to really care or feel. and when you see the blood… there is nothing better than seeing your own blood…


From:  hardrockgirl33 Mar-15 12:30
To:  galpal624 unread (103 of 126)  2031.103 in reply to
I have a close friend that cuts, and at first I shunned her for it. But then again, I realized that if I did that, it would hurt her feelings even worse then they might of already been that had her cutting in the first place. As far as I can see it now, it’s no worse then what you see people doing with bodily peircings, tattoes, scarifications, etc. Not all cutters are gothic satanist freaks.

This posting gives kids a short primer on cutting. Channel One News conveniently provides young people with the proper cutting lingo.

From:  YokoArmitage   Mar-15 12:33 pm
To:  rachel01 (104 of 126)  2031.104 in reply to 2031.88

The purpose of cutting is to cause pain. Alot of ppl think that we (is a cutter) are trying to kill ourselves and simply can’t carry through. We cut to stabalize our lives. We cut to feel something that is steady and that assures us that we are alive. Everything that you can cut with hurts, but on varying levels. Razors are sharp and sting, Knives have a lingering pain, pins can stay in as long as you want them too, and glass cuts great but may bruise. There are even different types of cutting and ways to do it, some are follows-
” Crossing the street”- cutting across your arm width wise ” Down the street”- this is a self kill attempt (at least in the eyes of a lot of SI ppl) you cut lenght wise down your arm to the joint or near it. ” dashing”- short multiple marks in one spot ” tearing”- a deep cut that doesn’t stop bleeding on its own. These are a few terms that cutters use. All of it hurts, with tearing hurting the most for a long time and dashing hurting in smaller amounts for a shorter time.

From:  YokoArmitage   Mar-16 11:31 am
To: grinch990 (111 of 126)  2031.111
in reply to 2031.110

I cut last night… Several times.. To ask me why I did it, well thats deep. Excuse the cliche, I have a huge headache today. The blade felt so heavenly cutting into my flesh. The blood tickled as it ran down my arm from the slashes. Why I did this- Because I need to keep myself in check. I need to punish myself from past sins and perpare my thoughts for possible let down and hurt in the future. One of my friends is helping me “stop” but he needs to realize I will stop when I outgrow it… Riki… How I sit here and smile at your name… Anyways, back to the point. A cutter feels alone when she/he cuts, for you can rarely share it with anyone. This fact might be more depressing then the actual action of SI (self injury) but it is our cage, and we wear it with pride. Some are getting help and if that is what they want then fine, good luck to them and I hope you get over it. For me, I see no way out from outside forces in the near future… As the Ozzy song goes…
” The Road to Nowhere Leads to me”


From:  YokoArmitage   Mar-15 11:31 am
To:  gothicwonder8 unread (12 of 30)  3272.12 in reply to

Hmmm.. I would love to talk to you, but I really think that cutting is not something harmful. Recently, my best friend finally accepted my practices as something she cannot really change. But, due to another friend, somehow my want to cut is going down. I just cut last night and I loved the feel of the blade on my cold skin. The Matrix is a good movie to cut too…all that dark stuff and all. I’m working into carving a “FORGIVE” into my left arm and a “REPENT” into my right. there are different types of cutting and different ways to do it. talk to other cutters and really see our enviroment and way of life to make sure you want to be in it.
It’s always your choice, but sometimes never your power- Scarlet


does it ease the pain?

From:  YokoArmitage   Mar-12 11:32 am
To:  msjack unread (7 of 30)  3272.7 in reply to 3272.6
Cutting is each and every persons choice to do it. If you do it for the pain, then as long as you understand the pain you will go through and that people will most likely try to help you, then do it. If you don’t and are just making small scratches on your arm and cry about them to fit in, don’t. Cutters are serious people with deep issues no one can help them with no matter how much they try. Drugs and medications cannot help them either. It’s somewhere where only someone like a lover could even THINK about touching. How do I know this? I am a cutter and have been for a year or so now. My friends all try to help me and sometimes I want them too, but most times I just… well, keep the scars hidden.
I hope I have given you all a new insight into my world. 


Notice the dates on all these postings. Obligation was tipped off to this horrific content by a Colorado teacher. We copied the messages today March 30. Channel One had no intention of removing this rot from their site. Of course, now that they are “busted” they will remove them (let’s hope) and they will tell angry parents that it was just another terrible mistake that won’t be repeated. (Channel One News has been one “mistake” after another for 14 years.)

Channel One News doesn’t need to do a better job of monitoring their message boards – they need to discontinue the message boards. When you think Channel One can’t get more reckless, they constantly surprise you.


Razor to the wrist

August 12, 2004


This is a picture of Channel One’s message board this afternoon (August 12). Somebody posted a message that uses symbols to draw what appears to be a razor cutting a wrist.

This would be in keeping with Channel One’s previous cutting postings earlier in the year.

Obligation believes that Channel One executives are NOT trying to get children interested in mutilating themselves. Channel One employees are probably as decent and caring people as you would find in any business. Our point in showing this gruesome content is that Channel One employees are RECKLESS and INCOMPETENT with other people’s children.

As the school year starts, it is our hope that thousands of schools have had enough of Channel One News and their web site. Who would want any child to be exposed to this sick content?

PS Channel One has probably removed this posting once they have seen it on our web site.

Thanks to Ken McNatt.

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