Warning: Explicit lyrics -Vile Wiz Khalifa and 2 Chainz are plugged by Channel One.

September 1, 2012

Update: Today, September 2, 2012 Channel One has taken down the MTV Music Awards banner ads from their website. We have no idea if students will be seeing the ads on the in-school Channel One News TV show.

Screen shot of the home page of the official website for Channel One News. August 30, 2012

From Jim Metrock: Channel One News has promoted edgy MTV programming for well over a decade. Channel One News executives approved the current web ad campaign for MTV’s Video Music Awards show (Sept. 6) even though there is a focus on plugging artists known for their extremely explicit lyrics.  Although Channel One is current not allowing any parents to know what commercials are being shown on the in-classroom Channel One News, in the past, MTV ads have run on both the channelone.com site and on the TV show.

Many parents have a problem with MTV and their related cable channels. The idea that public schools are urging students to tune into MTV would shock most adults. This is what happens when Channel One, and ONLY Channel One, choses what will be advertised on their program and website.


Kids need to hear Wiz Khalifa? Really?


WARNING: Strong, offensive language 

Wiz Khalifa?

Some songs from this Channel One-promoted music artist:

Smokin Good 

Niggas know about what young Khalifa into
Love to smoke out, a lot of reefer in him
Get you skunked out, you know I’m street official
When boys gotta problem, you should keep your issue
I’m from Pistolvania, where them heaters hit you
Out in California, where the weed official
And you could tell that I’m a boss
Don’t really gotta tell you that I’m smokin good, you smell it through the wall


God damn, I’m rich as f***, drunk as hell
Throwin’ money, pick it up, life is good, live it up
How much for that bottle? put it on my tab
Hop out like a model all them foreign tags
Get so drunk and high, I’ll have to call a cab
You won’t end up giving it back if you had this for one night

On My Level

It’s the champagne pourin’
Big joint rollin’
Bombay sippin’
No blunt smoking
Bad bitch gettin’
Thick and she got some friends with her
I take ’em out pourin’ shots of liquor
Drinkin’ out the bottle, smiling in all my pictures
The marijuana loud so them hoes follow like twitter
nigga, you know everything Taylored
Don’t rush to the bar fool, if you ain’t got no paper
That’s the rules, high as f***, sloppy drunk when I’m passing through
Rollin’ doobies up, ya hoe who we pass ’em to
Hit the club spend this money up, roll another one, drink, act a fool
That’s what I have to do
Do you now have an idea of what Wiz Khalifa is about? If you are not sure Channel One News made a horrendous mistake, then there are even more repulsive lyrics at this link.
What is it about 2 Chainz’s music that made Channel One executives agree to promote his appearance on the MTV show?
We’ll spare you their lyrics, but you can check them out if you dare. 2 Chainz lyrics.


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