Why would Channel One News advertise this movie to 11-year-old children?

September 25, 2012

Yet another Channel One News-advertised movie that normalizes and glamorizes teen drug use and teen drinking. The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Channel One News allows actress from The Perks of Being a Wallflower to use taxpayer-funded school time to open the show on September 25, 2012. Children down to age 11 saw this promotion on their classroom TV sets and younger children watched this movie ad on Channelone.com.

Another outrageous movie advertised on Channel One News.

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Warning: Offensive content below. 

Parents Guide for
The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

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 Sex & Nudity

Sex is a big part of the story here. And the movie makes sure we know such activities are an inevitable part of the high school experience.

We see various couples kissing and fondling in party settings and the like, and it’s implied through conversations about “shagging” and “hooking up” that most of the teens are sexually active.

Sam indicates that she’s been having sex with numerous guys since she was 11when her dad’s boss first kissed her.

Patrick tells the story of a couple using a sandwich bag as a prophylactic.

Then add homosexuality to that young mix when Charlie catches Patrick making out with Brad, a football jock.

And we eventually hear the full story of Patrick and Brad’s relationshipfrom descriptions of drunken sex to threats of damnation issued by Brad’s father.

After that relationship collapses, Patrick laments not being able to find a good guy and plants a kiss on Charlie. He kisses a girl at a party, calling out for all to watch the “f-g on goth” action.

We see Sam kiss her current boyfriend and Charlie.

Charlie fondles the clothed breast of Mary Elizabeth, a girl in their group whom he’s dating even though he doesn’t really want to be with her. (In fact, he states that he’s “tired of touching her boobs.”)

Charlie’s sister wears a skimpy bikini.

We see Mary Elizabeth in her prom dress with the top pulled down to expose her bra.

Sam wears several tops that hug her form or reveal cleavage.

Teens sport outrageously revealing outfits when they dance around in a movie theater, acting along with a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Charlie, dressed in nothing but gold lamé mini shorts, squeezes Sam’s breast while she’s dressed in a bra and panties.

Patrick flounces around in high heels, garter belts and a bustier.

At one point, Sam kisses Charlie and rubs his leg.

Part of the plot deals with child molestation.


Violence & Gore

We’re told that when Brad’s father caught Brad and Patrick having sex, he beat his son senseless. (We see the black and blue and puffy-eyed results.)

Brad later spurs his football teammates to trip, torment and eventually start pounding on Patrick.

Charlie comes running to Patrick’s defense and momentarily blanks out. When he comes to, his knuckles are skinned and bruised, and the bullies are all on the ground with battered and bloodied faces.

The boy then bellows at the attackers, “Touch my friends again and I’ll blind you.”

Charlie walks in on his sister getting viciously slapped by her boyfriend. (She begs him to leave and not tell anyone.)

We see Charlie’s aunt killed in a car crashand Charlie worries that he wanted her to die. The setting and underscore make it clear that Charlie might pick up a nearby knife and hurt himself just before help arrives.



1 F-Word and about 10 s-words.

1 or 2 uses each of hell and ass.

God’s and Jesus’ names are misused on six or eight occasions (with God’s getting combined with “dn” half the time).

We hear jack off.

Name calling (Bitch and Faggot.)



Mary Elizabeth opens a bottle of her father’s Merlot in preparation for a make-out session with Charlie.

Teens drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes at several parties.

Charlie gets stoned on the hash brownies that are passed around at one of them. He pops LSD at another, which sets him on a hallucinatory trip.

After a number of swirling and blurred scenes, the teen ends up passing out on the snow-covered ground outside.

The movie’s attitude is that these booze- and drug-filled parties are just another joyous part of the rite of passage for teens at large.

In fact, the only negative associations with the buzzfests is one joking comment about a guy being a “hapless stoner.” And a mention that a girl got in trouble for watering down her dad’s brandy.

Charlie takes prescription drugs.


Frightening/Intense Scenes

The ending can be very upsetting

The scene where Patrick kisses Charlie can be emotional for some.

There is a breakdown scene regarding Charlie.

The scene where Sam and Charlie make out is an emotional – though beautiful scene in all, although this becomes the turning point in the movie.

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