“Pay attention to the rock n roll education.”

October 1, 2012

This rock band feels so comfortable using Channel One News to promote their obscure group to students during taxpayer-funded school time that they brag about it on their blog.

All last week, Channel One News promoted The Kicks. Channel One featured The Kicks music during the show’s introduction. The Kicks music played again for students going into the first of two commercial breaks. The Kicks were heard coming out of the first break back into the programming. Again The Kicks were played going into and out of the second commercial break. And then to end the show, Channel One News played The Kicks as the ending graphics came on screen.

All of this music represented a commercial for the band. All of this blaring music was heard on taxpayer time. Could schools have used that time for better purposes?


From Jim Metrock: This rock band

Clicking on “The Kicks on Channel One News” above takes students to the page below.


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