Can’t even give Channel One News InterActiv away.

October 5, 2012

The unholy alliance of Promethean white boards with the extremely controversial Channel One News program appears to not be going well.  (Who could have seen that coming?!) Now schools are being offered the first year free. 

Of course a company doesn’t make such an offer if customers are already buying their product. Now Promethean and Channel One are offering to pick up the $3,600 value of the first year of Channel One News InterActiv Jr. which is their special programming aimed at – get ready, we’re not joking – 5th graders, 4th graders, and 3rd graders.

What district would want to bring the Channel One brand with all its negative publicity into their elementary schools? Well, the answer is apparently very few. If any schools are the least bit interested in this TV program all they need to do is wait. First TWO Years Free can’t be too far away.

Clicking on “Learn More” brings up this PDF:

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