Undivided Attention

October 18, 2012

From Jim Metrock:  If anyone doubts the disdain and contempt Channel One News has for students, study this infamous ad the company placed in Advertising Age in the late 90’s.

1. This ad was aimed at potential advertisers. 

2. This ad is not about education. It’s not about teaching a student anything. It is about selling a student something. 

3. Every element of  ad is chosen after considerable discussion and study. This picture was not chosen randomly. It was picked because it conveyed a “blank slate” look. “Hey, Mr. Advertiser, put your ad on Channel One News and write your message on the minds of our captive audience.”

4.”Undivided attention”? How ugly. How insulting to teachers. Nobody has the undivided attention of these young people. They can’t focus for any length of time on anything! Teachers can’t keep their attention for long. But with Channel One News your audience can’t turn the channel. Your ads are in their face while they sit at their desks. They are compelled to watch your commercial. Pay us the money and we’ll share OUR captive audience with you. Your sales will skyrocket.

Note: Channel One’s captive audience is now 4 million-something, not 8.1 million.  The dramatic loss of audience this youth marketing company has sustained might be a world record.