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October 26, 2012



From Jim Metrock:

Sorry, but this will be a very offensive article. Channel One News has once again done a very idiotic thing.

On October 25, 2012, Channel One News ran a major story on the vile rapper Lil Wayne. If you were a child watching Channel One News that day you would never guess this musical artist is known for his explicit lyrics glorifying drug usage, binge drinking, gun play, and the most repugnant sexual content.

The story was about Lil Wayne building a skateboard park in New Orleans. The Channel One reporter Shelby Holliday gushes over Lil Wayne and asks the most moronic questions of people using the park.  Holliday never mentions that Lil Wayne is a convicted felon. She only obliquely implies that some of his songs may be controversial. She never mentions to the captive audience of students watching the story that Lil Wayne’s lyrics throughout his career including songs released in 2012 show an utter hatred for women. Women are nothing but disposable sex objects.

Here’s a lovely song from the Channel One News-promoted Lil Wayne called Alphabet Bitches. Yes, we are about to crawl into the gutter. Warning: Very offensive content from here on:

Alphabet Bitches

[Verse 1:]
Well the A is for Ashley
she always ask for me to take it out her p****
put it right in her ass and the
B is for Brittany she right in the class
she be hatin on Ashley cause she tight in the ass
the C is for Christina want me to big screen her
the way she d*** dish should be a misdameanor so
if you seen her i been searchin but cant find her
ever since i been wit Diamond
wit Diamons in her v****a
And the E is for ever elegant Ericka
sweet red bitch
we used to call her Miss America
I aint gon lie now Erica is a dog
but to the that magnolia nigga
she done f*****d em all, (Slim)
Speakin of slim, the F is for Fat
a real skinny hoe so you know
why they call her that
And the G for Gabriel, you can call her Gabby
but all my homeboys seem to call her nasty (man)[Chorus:]
These are my bitches, my Alpha Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alphabet Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alpha Bitches
These are my bitches, my Alphabet Bitches

I get bitches (say what)
I get bitches (say who)
I get bitches (say huh)

[Verse 2:]
H is for my H-town homegirl Heather
Head haze, purple p**** pills with afta
My mami’s dedicated aw, she neva tell me no
the most she say is not yea and then uh
I is for Isis mami a pisces
she f*** rappers for free
but hit them actors wit prices
they always pay cause her body the nicest
but i hit that everyday back when i had the wife 
J is for Joanessa kinda sexy wit light eyes
she didnt make the band 
but she still doin quite fine
The K is for Kia
I hate that bitch
because she super f****n fine
but she cant take that d***
And then the L is for LaKia
that’s Kia’s twin
night and day everytime we f***
i fall right in
and the M is for Maria,Madia,Madieah
she hangs out wit NeCole whose f****n Olivia


[Verse 3:]
P is for Paulina she go all night
If I dont f*** her once a week
She’ll probably go on strike
and the Q is for Queen cause she is my Queen
but she cant ride it like Ranada
but her body is mean
and the S is for Shayna a sucker in bed
she take advanatge of the fact
that im a sucker for h**d
and the T is for Tara too much Mascara
tone down on the blush like you tryna scare her
U is for Ursula she wit Vicky
they both come over and work out wit me
the W is for Wanda she kinda remind ya
of that game streetfighter hands like Ehonda
The Y is for Yvette she get wetter than most
She always try to get high 
but i just let her get low
And last but not least the Z goes to Zara
She gets high off Zimphandale
and masterbates to The Carter (aka Lil Wayne)

These are my bitches, my Alpha Bitches 


Sorry but I will share one more song. Both of these songs are typical of nearly every song on every album he has ever released. You can pick any random Lil Wayne song at this website and see for yourself.

Here is We Be Steady Mobbin

[Verse 1 – Lil Wayne]
Man f**k these niggas
Imma spare everything but these niggas
I flip the gun and gun-buck these niggas
Take the knife off the AK and cut these niggas
And fuck these bitches
I swear I care bout everything but these bitches
I don’t care, I “so what” these bitches
And I put young mula baby way above these bitches
If it ain’t broke, don’t break it
And if he ain’t shook, I’m gon shake him
Hope I don’t look weak
Cuz when the wolf cry wolf, you still see that wolf teeth
Futuristic hand gun
If you act foul, you get two shots, and one
I’m at your face like Mancum
You niggas softer than Rosanne’s son
You cannot reach me on my Samsung
I busy f**kin the world and givin the universe my damn tongue
Crazy motherf**ker, I am one
But the crazy thing is, I began one
All white bricks, I’m straight like it’s jumpin back to thirty-six (36) nigga
Big house, long hallways, got ten bathrooms I could s**t all day nigga

[Chorus – Lil Wayne]
And we don’t want no problems
Ok you’re a goon, whats a goon to a goblin
And Kanez on the beat
I f**k around and leave a nigga brains on the street
Now pop that p***y
I bring her to my bedroom and pop that p***y
Uh Huh…
And we be steady mobbin
Oh Kimosabi, big ballin is my hobby

[Verse 2 – Gucci Mane]
What the f**k is up, it’s Gucci Mane the G
It’s titty boy, no pity boy, we scar city to city wha
So icy, so no Nike boy jus Gucci, Louis, Prada, scuce
Gucci Mane keep s**tin on em, why that boy keep buyin jewelry
East Atlanta cockin hammers
Bandanas on car antennas
No we do not talk to strangers
Jus cut off these niggas fingers
Gucci’s armed and dangerous, cocaine, codine and angel dust
This AK 47 will hitcha anywhere from your ankle up
Guns same size of me alone, clip long as a Pringles can
Four, five desert eagle on me, you’ll think imma Eagles fan
Toni brushed the sniper rifle, make ya neva breathe again
F**k that nigga, kill that nigga, bring him back, kill him again

[Verse 3 – Lil Wayne]
The money is the motive
F**k wit the money, it get ugly as coyote
Ok I’m reloaded
Better pull it if you tote it
I buy a pound, break it down and put it in a stogie
Swagger so bright, I don’t even need light
I’m wit a model broad, she don’t even eat rice
But would you believe that she dykes
And she asked me for a picture so I gave her three strikes
I’m the man around this motherf**ker
I’m so hot you probably catch a tan around this motherf**ker
This rap game, I got my hand around this motherf**ker
Ya I said game, but I ain’t playin around this motherf**ker
I’m the best to ever do it bitch
And you’re the best at never doin s**t
If you the s**t then I am sewer-rich 
Try me and I’ll have your people readin eulogies
I swear you can’t f**k with me
But I can f**k your girl and make her nut for me
Then slut for me, then kill for me, then steal for me
And of course it’ll be your cash
And I’ll murder that bitch and send her body back to your ass

[Chorus – Lil Wayne]
And we don’t want no problems
Ok you’re a goon, whats a goon to a goblin
And Kane on the beat
I f**k around and leave a nigga brains on the street
Now pop that p***y
I bring her to my bedroom and pop that p***y
Uh Huh…
And we be steady mobbin
Oh Kimosabi, big ballin is my hobby

[Verse 4 – Lil Wayne]
Man suck my clip
Swallow my bullets, and don’t you spit
I am the hip-hop socialist
Life is a gamble and I’m all about my poker chips
Do you want a dose of this
I will make the most of this
F is for fer-o-cious
Murder your associates
The top is so appropriate
This is just where I belong
Keep a hard d**k for your girlfriend to wobble on

OK, that’s Lil Wayne. In the Channel One News story (video below) reporter Shelby Holliday gives the very real impression that Lil Wayne is a changed man. The two songs I have regrettably posted here are from this year, 2012. I did that on purpose to show the current hatred preached by this singer.


As seen on Channel One News.:

Note: Why did Channel One News feel compelled to subtitle Lil Wayne’s comments? Lil Wayne may be a thug, but he speaks as clearly as Shelby Holliday.


YouTube Preview Image


Thanks, Channel One News, for the incredible amount of school time you gave me to promote my brand to middle school students. Since you ran this video on your website, I know a lot of elementary school students also got a taste of the Weezy. I want to thank Promethean World too for their help in getting me before a captive audience of schoolchildren.

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