Oh no, Lil Wayne on Channel One’s website.

October 30, 2012


Channel One News goes all out for its Lil Wayne promotion. They aired a long story about Lil Wayne on their classroom TV show and then added Lil Wayne to the front page of their website.


It’s not enough for Channel One News to give vile rapper Lil Wayne unprecedented access to millions of schoolchildren as they sit at their classroom desks. No, our reckless friends at Channel One just added Lil Wayne to their their website channelone.com.

Putting Lil Wayne content on channelone.com assures that elementary school students will get a healthy dose of the offensive rapper.  Channel One and Promethean have partnered to bring Channel One News into elementary schools. They call this elementary school version Channel One News InterActiv Jr.  

Channel One did not run the Lil Wayne story on InterActiv Jr. that ran in secondary school classrooms, but t young children forced to watch InterActiv Jr. will want to check out Channelone.com. Elementary schoolchildren will unfortunately feel very comfortable visiting Channel One’s website because their school is making them watch Channel One News on their classroom Promethean white boards.

School administrators, teachers, and certainly parents can’t feel good about either Channel One News or Promethean remaining in their classrooms.  This week it is the repulsive Lil Wayne being forced down the throats of schoolchildren. Who will it be next week? Here’s yet another reason why Channel One News has seen their audience shrink from 8.1 million to 4.? million in the last decade.

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