Always hyperactive Maggie Rulli gives embarrassing, bizarre intro to deadly storm story.

October 31, 2012

Storm had already caused a dozen deaths in U.S. when Channel One anchor Maggie Rulli gives bizarre intro to Sandy report. 

Yipes, Channel One’s always overactive on-air personality Maggie Rulli knows, or should have known, that at least a dozen Americans had already died from Hurricane/Super storm Sandy when she filmed the introduction of Channel One News for October 30, 2012. She makes the storm sound like the most wonderful event on the East Coast this year. Rulli comes off like a very attractive robot who doesn’t quite comprehend the words she is reading off the teleprompter.

From Jim Metrock:

The young people who read the news on Channel One News don’t have a lot of experience in legitimate journalism. They all have their personal mannerisms and quirks. Maggie Rulli a new on-air personality this school year has a habit of trying to be overly upbeat. She might think this makes her more appealing to middle school students (Channel One’s most loyal audience), but her efforts to be “too cute” probably don’t work.

A student watching Ms. Rulli do this tease for the upcoming story about the deadly storm named Sandy would think the storm is the most fun event on the East Coast this year.


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