Pop Quiz: Maggie Rulli has just…

November 18, 2012

A. for the first time fully realized that she has ruined her career by accepting a job at Channel One News.

B. been informed that her employer has lost another 500,000 student viewers.

C. faked a sneeze as a funny introduction to a story about how to beat a cold.

Channel One News on-air personality Maggie Rulli. (November 14, 2012)

From Jim Metrock:

The correct answer is C although there is some truth in A and B.

Ms. Rulli like the other on-air people at Channel One News feel safe in doing whatever they want in front of the camera. They know students are compelled, and often forced, to watch the show no matter what the content. It would be difficult for Ms. Rulli and the other Channel One employees to make it in the legitimate world of electronic journalism. In that world one has to EARN their audience every day or your ratings go down and you are out of work. Having a captive audience makes it easy for Channel One screen personalities to be lazy and sometimes goofy.



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