Entire Channel One News show is one big commercial.

June 4, 2013
pop quiz challenge 2013

Shelby Holliday and Scott Evans prepare for the 2013 Pop Quiz Challenge which is nothing more than a program-length commercial for four new TV shows. Filmed at Goose Creek High School, Goose Creek, SC.

Channel One News published this script in May. We don’t know the day it was shown to students.


Students: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!

Scott: What is up! I am Scott Evans.

Shelby: And I am Shelby Holliday.

Scott: And we’re here at Goose Creek High School in South Carolina for the 4th annual Pop Quiz Challenge, where we see just how well you have been following the news this year. 

Shelby: And we’re putting these twelve Goose Creek students to the test! So, let’s get things going. Channel One News…

Everyone: …starts right now!

Scott: Thanks for getting us started, guys. Now, we have also got the stars of your favorite ABC Family TV shows here to help cheer us on. So, let’s meet the teams.

Keegan Allen: Hey, everyone. I’m Keegan Allen from ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

Scott: And on the Pretty Little Liars team, we have Hale Alexander, Jacob Sharp and Andrew Price 

Students: Go team red!

Katie Leclerc: Hi! I’m Katie Leclerc from ABC Family’s Switched at Birth.

Shelby: On the Switched at Birth team, we have Marina Conner, John Esco and Crystal Bourgeois.

Student: Team green!

Cierra Ramirez: Hi. I’m Cierra Ramirez from the new ABC Family series, The Fosters.

Scott: On The Fosters team, we have Celensia Tolson, Cooper Pippin and RJ Morris.

Student: Purple team!

Avan Jogia: Hi! I’m Avan Jogia from ABC Family’s new series, Twisted.

Shelby: And on team Twisted, we have Desiree Johnson, Ryan Coleman and Patrick Walker.

Student: Go team orange 

Scott: Alright. Good luck, guys. Now, the rules are simple. The hard questions are worth more than the easy ones.

Shelby: And we are going to have some of the students here at Goose Creek help us out.

Scott: So, here is your first question worth 300 points:

The United Nations imposed punishments on North Korea after it tested nuclear weapons. What are those economic punishments called?

a. currency blockade

b. sanctions

c. annuities

d. asset turnover

Alright. Hold up your answers. “B.” Everybody got it correct!

Now, here is Cierra Ramirez from the purple team with a question worth 100 points.

Cierra: Earlier this year, President Obama chose a new head of the Central Intelligence Agency. Who is the new director of the CIA? Is it:

a. Leon Panetta

b. John Brennan

c. John Kerry

d. Hillary Clinton

Scott: Now, let’s see those answers. Alright. The correct answer is “B,” John Brennan.

Now, over to Shelby who is in the audience.

Shelby: I am here with Maeby who has our next question worth 300 points.

Maeby: What is the scientific name for the “God particle”?

a. Higgs boson

b. hadron collider

c. dark matter

d. quark

Shelby: Alright. Let’s see those answers. The right answer is “A,” the Higgs boson. So, great job everyone but purple.

Now, Keegan Allen on the red team has your next question worth 500 points.

Keegan: On this map, where is the West Bank? Is it A, B, C, or D?

Scott: Ooh! This is a hard one! Show us what you have got. The answer is “D.”

Looks like you guys got a little lucky on that one, huh?

Student: It makes sense.

Scott: It made sense. That is why we picked it.

Great first round. Now, The Fosters, you guys are in the lead with 800 points. Alright. Now, we also have a tie for second place, that is Twisted and Pretty Little Liars. You guys both have 700 points. Now, Switched at Birth, you guys have 600 points. You are trailing. But do you think you will be able to come back?

Student: Of course. I mean, that’s only 100 points behind.

Scott: Well, it is still anybody’s game with round two coming up!

Welcome back to Channel One News Pop Quiz Challenge.

Now, we have got the purple team in the lead with the green team trying to make a rebound. Now, let’s get right back to it!

Now, the big news of last year was the reelection of President Obama. We have got a question from Avan Jogia from the orange team worth 100 points.

Avan Jogia: Here we go with another question.

What anniversary was noted during President Obama’s inauguration?

a. the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation

b. the end of the Civil War

c. the start of the Iraq War

d. the signing of the Declaration of Independence

Scott: Alright. Now, show me what you guys got. Alright. Fosters, are you sure about that answer 

The answer is “A,” The Emancipation Proclamation. So, Fosters, sorry.

Now, over to Shelby.

Shelby: I am here with Raydel, and it is time for a little sports trivia. The 2012 Olympics were held in London and the U.S. won the most medals.

So, here is your question worth 300 points

Raydel: Which country placed second in the Olympic medal count?

a. Russia

b. Japan

c. Germany

d. China

Shelby: Alright. Let’s see those answers. Wow! The right answer is was “D,” China. Great job, everyon

Aright. Now, let’s pass it over to Katie Leclerc from the green team with a question worth 100 points. This one is about the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Katie: I’ve got your next question. Where did the 2012 Democratic National Convention take place? Was it:

a. Atlanta, Georgia

b. New Orleans, Louisiana

c. Charlotte, North Carolina

d.  Los Angeles, California

Scott: Alright. It is time to hold up those answers. Great job! Everybody got it right. It’s “C,” Charlotte, North Carolina.

Whoo! It is getting pretty hot in here? You guys are really smart. We have got the red, purple and orange team in a tie for first place with 1,200 points. But the green team is only behind by a hundred. Now, in the final round, they get the opportunity to gamble their way to the top or to the bottom.

Scott: It is the final round of the Pop Quiz Challenge. Now, we have got a three-way tie for the lead but the green team is looking to punch through.

Shelby: Yeah, this can all change because teams can risk everything on just one answer. They have already put in their wagers, so let’s get to the question.

How many European countries use the euro?

a. 3

b. 12

c. 17

d. 28

The answer is “C.” Seventeen countries in the EU use the euro.

Shelby: Alright. I see some happy faces and some sad faces. Let’s start with team red. First, what did you wager? 1,200 points? And what was your answer? C! Alright. That leaves team red with 2,400 points.

Green team, what did you wager? 1,098 points. And what was your answer? C! Alright, team green, that leaves you with 2,198 points.

Team purple, what did you wager? 1,000 points. And what was your answer? B! Sorry, team purple. You are now at 200 points.

Last but not least, orange team, what did you wager? 1,200 points! And what was your answer? B! Oh! Orange team, you have 0 points. And that means red team, you are the winners!

Scott: Congratulations, team Pretty Little Liars! Now, how does it feel to be crowned the Pop Quiz Challenge champions?

Student: It just feels amazing! It really does feel amazing! I knew we could do it.

Student: We told you!

Student: We did tell you.

Scott: You did say it.

Now, orange team, what happened?

Shelby: What happened, orange?

Scott: What happened? Ryan is like, ‘I don’t even know what to tell you, man!’

Student: Listen. I’m sorry. No, I do want to follow up on the economy, but just on the American economy. Not on the European economy.

Shelby: It is alright, it is alright. A for effort.

So, a final congratulations to the red team, our winners.

We had a blast here at Goose Creek! Thank you guys for having us. You rock!

Scott: And thank you, ABC Family!

That is it from us. Make today the best! We will see you tomorrow.

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