Channel One’s twitter chat flops.

June 6, 2013

My Twitter chat flopped.

Channel One's Shelby Holliday replies to Channel One's Demetrius Pipkin's question. So few people showed up for the chat that Channel One employees had to ask each other questions.

Channel One’s Shelby Holliday replies to Channel One’s Demetrius Pipkin’s question. So few people showed up for the chat that Channel One employees had to ask each other questions.


From Jim Metrock:

You knew it was going to be a disaster when they announced it:

“We’re hosting a live Twitter chat with Maggie, Scott and Shelby on Wednesday, June 5th, at 3pm EST (12pm PST)  They’ll be talking about some of their favorite stories and experiences from this past season and answering your questions, so join us using the hashtag #C1Chat!

We’ll see you there.”

No, you won’t.

After Channel One anchors waited around for an hour a mere handful of young people showed up to chat. And one of them was a former intern at Channel One giving her buddies some support.

This comes as no surprise to me. Channel One News is totally irrelevant in the lives of young people compelled to watch the antics of these on-air personalities in their 30’s pretending to be in their teens. (Self-respecting preteens would be embarrassed by how these reporters behave on camera.) The Channel One News classroom TV show is considered a time diverting joke by much of their audience, especially high school students.

So out of 4.9 million students (taken from Channel One’s 2012 claim that they had “nearly 5 million” students remaining in their audience) how many young people showed up to ask these reporters about their favorite stories and experiences:  10

A chance to actually interact with such famous people like Scott Evans, Shelby Holliday and Maggie Rulli appealed to… 10 people.

Thankfully for Channel One News some of the 10 posted repeatedly and that helped fill the time.  One young male student was the first to join the nation-wide chat and he exchanged comments with the reporters until the end.  Few tweets were about the stories and experiences of the reporters. The few young people who joined this Twitter Chat were more concerned with why Maggie Rulli was so beautiful, or who flubs the most lines while taping the show, or what reporters will be back next year (that went unanswered).  Not much substance, not many people, and yet Channel One rocks on into summer thinking that all is well in the Heartland.

Check out Channel One’s Twitter chat for yourself at



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