Julian Dujarric leaves Channel One News. Three reporters remain.

June 21, 2013

At one time: Eight reporters.


Julian Dujarric is happy to be working at Channel One News. The commercial exploitation of a captive audience of schoolchildren does not bother him.

From Jim Metrock:

Channel One News is losing their on-air personalities almost as quickly as they are losing their audience.

Julian Dujarric lasted less than a year at the Channel One youth marketing company. I’m hoping he realized that commercially exploiting a captive audience of schoolchildren was not something an adult ought to do.  Then again, maybe Channel One didn’t have enough money to pay him for another year. We’ll never know because Channel One continues to be a very secretive company.

Channel One rarely gives out information about their on-air personalities, especially when they leave the firm.

Three on-air people remain: Maggie Rulli, Shelby Holliday, and Scott Evans. As I wrote a few weeks ago, I thought Ms. Holliday and Mr. Evans would remain at Channel One News. (This is about the easiest job one can have and still think of one’s self as a news reporter.) I still think Ms.Rulli has to have better options than continuing at such a controversial company like Channel One. 

chances they return May 2013

From June 5, 2013

There are lots of ways to measure the dramatic decline of Channel One:

  • In 1999 they had “over 12,000” schools. In 2012 they had “nearly 7,000” schools.
  • In 2000 they had “more than 8 million” students in their audience.  2012: “nearly 5 million.”
  • In 1998 they had 8 on-air anchors. In 2013 they have 3.

January 1999, Channel One News had eight reporters (Joel Brand, Krystal Greene, Lisa Ling, Lora Marcus, Tonoccus McClain, Monica Novotny, Tracy Smith, and Kris Osborne) who took turns being anchors for the show.  Today there are three.

I like the direction this is going.

C1dotcom dujarric gone June 18 2013

Channelone.com June 19, 2013


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