“Care to find out which brand of condoms your friends prefer?”

July 9, 2013

channelonedotcom july 8 2013July 8, 2013 – Channelone.com “breaking news” article.

From Jim Metrock:

For months Channel One News would post AP news stories without attribution. They made other people’s content¬†appear to be their own. It was dumb for them to do that because they knew they would caught.

Above is an AP story on Channelone.com today that properly displays “AP” in the first line.

There is however a problem with the content of the article. Channel One employees evidently didn’t even scan the article before they cut and pasted it on their children’s website. ¬†Channelone.com is a site that teens, preteens, and elementary school-age children visit.

The people who run Channel One’s website need to become a lot more sensitive to the youthfulness of their young visitors. A little editing would have served the interest of young people. Come on Channel One, stop being so lazy.

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