There is no Channel One Advisory Board.

August 4, 2013

 There hasn’t been one for six years, even though Channel One said there was.

From April 7, 2009 article.

From April 7, 2009 article.


From a February 3, 2007 article.

Channel One’s fake Advisory Board taken from our February 3, 2007 article.


From Jim Metrock:

Since April 2006, Channel One has told the public they had in place an all-teacher Advisory Board helping the company better serve American schools.

The ten members were all outstanding teachers from around the country.  This Advisory Board was concrete proof that Channel One was more than just a controversial, youth marketing firm looking to make a fast buck off of schoolchildren. They really cared what teachers thought and sought their guidance.

The Advisory Board members were going to physically meet at least once a year and they were to make themselves available to Channel One during their one-year term.

If it was only true.

But you know Channel One… it was a big falsehood.  

It is my understanding that these ten teachers did in fact agree to serve on Channel One’s Advisory Board in the spring of 2006.  The members understood the controversial nature of Channel One and did not want their last names published. They also did not want their specific school or city to be identified. 

But the Advisory Board went blooey for Channel One when the corporate wheels came off later that year. In the spring of 2007 the company barely escaped going out of business and an even more controversial youth marketing company, Alloy Media and Marketing, swooped in and agreed to take over Channel One’s assets in a no-cash transaction. [Channel One unbelievably had a zero net worth.]

So the Advisory Board was forgotten. No new board members replaced the first group in 2007.  No new members were EVER added.

Channel One told the world these same ten people served again on the Board in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

When Channel One’s new website was unveiled this summer- you guessed it – the official Advisory Board showed the  same faces and first names.  

To Channel One’s credit, when I brought this deception up to Ms. Alex Honeysett Channel One’s new Director of Communications, Channel One quickly took down any mention of the fake Advisory Board.  

For over six years Channel One misrepresented itself to parents, to schools that were considering signing up for their service, to advertisers, and to the general public.  Channel One’s message: Parents, school teachers, school administrators, school board members, you can trust Channel One. We value the thoughts of and the feedback from teachers, that’s why we created this wonderful Advisory Board made up totally of teachers. 

The message was a lie. 


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