What Franklin, Ohio thinks about Channel One News.

January 26, 2014


Bishop Fenwick High is just north of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Bishop Fenwick High is just north of Cincinnati, Ohio.

From Jim Metrock: Bishop Fenwick High School in Franklin, Ohio shows Channel One News on its classroom TV sets. (I can hear Channel One’s advertisers and CEO C.J. Kettler shouting with joy, “There IS a school that actually watches Channel One News!”) 

Every day right before school ends, students are read announcements, bow their heads for a prayer and watch Channel One News. The school allows ten minutes for all of this.

The schedule says, “Channel One/Announce/Prayer” but since Channel One is 12 minutes long I imagine it is shown after the announcements and prayer. As the bell rings, students spring up and make a dash to the doors even as Channel One’s on air personalities are reading their lines on the classroom TV set.  

Q: What high school student would spend one extra minute, one extra second in school to watch Scott Evans, Tom Hanson, Maggie Rulli, Keith Kocinski, Demetrius Pipkin, Jason Kuang or Shelby Holliday?

A: None.


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