Teacher questions Channel One’s correction.

April 2, 2014




From Jim Metrock:  A teacher wrote me and raised a good point about Channel One’s correction of a botched up news story.

Channel One’s  original report said a NASA study predicted civilization’s end could happen within 15-20 years.  Channel One was right to think this was a big story because of the NASA connection.

The teacher correctly points out that there is no major story when you took NASA out of it.  So why did Channel One News insist on reporting on the potential end of civilization in their correction?  It is almost like Channel One News  was going to great lengths to scare the heck out of children.  Is there an agenda at Channel One?  Is Channel One News trying to mold the minds of young people?

Channel One reporter: NASA says civilization may end in your lifetime.

No, wait. We now understand that NASA didn’t say that.  But still, somebody said it and we are going to keep reporting on the story because quite frankly it is so sensational.


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