Why is Channel One News being escorted out of classrooms? This is one reason.

May 1, 2014


From Jim Metrock:   This is a commercial for a new cartoon show.  It aired on Channel One News.  

Millions of schoolchildren wasted precious school time to watch this ad.  

Why?  Why would they put their school books down and watch this nonsense?  Why would any teacher allow this silliness to be shown in their class?

Because schools that still have a contract with Channel One are being told that they must show students this controversial, in-classroom TV program at least 90% of school days. Because the people at Channel One News were paid by the Cartoon Network to air this ad a few days before its TV premiere.  Channel One News has never served the best interests of students and schools.  Channel One News serves its clients.  Channel One’s clients are companies that want to advertise their product or service – or TV show – to schoolchildren in a captive environment.  

Teachers, school administrators, school board members, and certainly parents have had enough of Channel One’s hyper-commercialism.  I expect another devastating summer of contract cancellations for our kiddie marketers at Channel One.



 Screen shots from Channel One News on April 10, 2014.

Clarence on Channel One April 2014


Clarence 3


Clarence CN



See for yourself:


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