Channel One gets lazy with summer Weekly News Roundups

July 19, 2014





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We will not show the face of this Channel One News employee in order to protect his privacy.

From Jim Metrock:  

During the summer months Channel One News doesn’t film any newscasts.  Why don’t they do their news program on their website for young people who look to Channel One News to keep them informed about the world?  Doesn’t Channel One News seek to “encourage students to be informed, digital-savvy global citizens”?  

Channel One News is a lazy company.  I should know. I have followed their company since 1996.  Every summer they just “give up” and close down their program.  They must know you can stream video on the Internet, but if they did that they would feel compelled to make money off of young people and that would mean parents and the public would be able to see Channel One’s advertisements and Channel One wants to keep its advertisers out of the public eye.

Instead of doing a summer news show the brilliant minds at Channel One News came up with the idea of preparing a digest of news stories for young people.  It could have been done daily, but that would be a lot of work, so they decided it would be a weekly roundup of stories.  On top of that Channel One News would cut-and-paste AP wire stories on their website to give the appearance that Channel One News was still out there working to keep kids informed.

Below is a weekly digest that is a little strange.  This is not the first one this summer that is devoted to covering education stories.  Why do this?  Channel One  is trying desperately to become an “Ed Tech” company.  They are wrapping themselves in Common Core buzz words.  So Channel One is monitoring education news to help guide its attempt to reposition itself with educators. So they dump a few stories about education news into the Weekly Roundup and it fills up the page.  Is any young person going to complain?  No, few young people are visiting and Channel One knows it.  Channel One News is just going through the motions, especially during the summer months.  

Lazy is as lazy does.
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