Shelby Holliday leaves Channel One News.

August 5, 2014

Shelby Holliday has had enough. Calls herself a “Channel One alumna.”

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From Jim Metrock:

Shelby Holliday wised up and left Channel One News for a job at Bloomberg TV.  Former Channel One executive producer Jim Morris works at Bloomberg and probably had a hand in connecting with Ms. Holliday.

Although Ms. Holliday helped commercially exploit millions of schoolchildren since 2010, and she should rightfully feel awful about her years at this youth marketing firm, we wish her well now that she is in legitimate news.  No more guaranteed audience no matter how poorly one performs before a camera.  Ms. Holliday will have to earn her audience and will constantly seek ways to improve herself.  That’s the real world.  Her career can only progress with her departure from Channel One.

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